Monday, 29 June 2015

Austria - September 2014: Schafberg

Schutzhaus Himmelspforte

What a day to go up the Schafberg! The sun was shining and the air was beautifully clear. We took the mountain railway up the mountain and walked the shortish distance to the top.

The views were breathtaking, it was amazing just how far we could see in all directions and all from the comfort of an Austrian mountain sports hut.

The station at the bottom of the mountain.

On our way up the mountain. The gradient was unbelievable - but the rack and cog of the railway is designed to cope with this steep gradient.

A welcome drink ahead - it was hot!

The mountain sports hut - weather worn and with panoramic views. It would assume a very different character in other weather conditions.

The 'schutehaus himmelspforte'.

At last, that refreshing drink of Zipfer beer. A truly outstanding location from which to enjoy a cool beer!

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