Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Amsterdam - February 2014: Cheese

Old Amsterdam

We were keen to look at the range of cheeses available in Amsterdam itself, and to compare these to some of those available in the United Kingdom. Many shops offered advice and small samples but the labelling was clear and did not need much explanation. There were a range of grades within a specific cheese, from very young cheeses to more seriously aged and complex flavours. We learnt much more about the Old Amsterdam cheese and what makes it so full of complex flavours. Those in the cheese industry rate Old Amsterdam very highly, yet many here is the UK fail to see beyond over processed Edam as representing 'Dutch' cheese!

Whilst some of the shops sold limited ranges of cheese and were surrounded by the obvious touristy items, there was enough serious focus on the quality of cheese in most shops. It was easy to buy the quality products and it was a treat to be able to bring some of these wonderful cheeses back to the UK with us.

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