Sunday, 21 June 2015

Florence - May 2014: Gelato

The gift of gelato

The gelato (ice cream) was incredible - a mix of the creamiest ice cream and the most refreshing and fruity sorbet. A perfect luxury for the heat of Florence and it seemed to be available everywhere - but good gelato is not cheap!

I tried to stick to strawberry gelato, which was so incredibly refreshing. I did try it from many different outlets and was never persuaded to change my decision. Each time the offering was just so good. I can still remember the taste as I write this - how I wish you could get such ice cream in Britain.

Gelato as 'street food'... in Britain we have kebab is offered... at the end of the evening. But here...

Ristorante food .... three delicious flavours of gelato. A truly balanced dessert.

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