Sunday, 16 March 2014

Montefalco Sagrantino 2009

Montefalco ("meditation wine")

Sagrantino 2009

Torrito Del Falco

A wonderfully aromatic and enjoyable wine, with deep aromas and colour. A wine to be sniffed and slowly savoured. My beloved and I enjoyed a glass of this wine in the warmth of the garden (for the first time this year). It is dry on the mouth (described on the label as 'austere' on the palate) but a really good wine.

From the label:
The Montefalco Sagrantino "Torrito del Falco" wine is produced in the Montefalco city territory. Aged 36 months, 12 of which in French oak barrels, it is an extremely intense red ruby in colour with violet highlights. Its scent has a hint of blackberry, prune jam, liquorish, which fade into notes of vanilla left due to its ageing in the French oak barriques. To the palate it is austere and robust, with noticeable tannins which are full flavoured. The Montefalco Sagrantino "Torrito del Falco" accompanies important dishes of red meats and fowl, wild boar, mixed grilled meats and matured cheeses, but it may also be tasted as a meditation wine. It is recommended to decant the wine an hour before serving.

Chateau de Saye - Bordeaux Superior

Chateau de Saye

Bordeaux Superior 2010

Purchased from Marks & Spencer, this Bordeaux Superior was an good complex wine yet it lacked that real excitement that I enjoy in a good wine. It was £9.99 (minus 25% for bulk purchased) and I think I could have bought a much more interesting wine for the same money.

From the label:
About this wine... Winemaker Alain Laubie had made this wine from carefully selected, hand-picked grapes from 30 year old vines near St Ciers d'Abzac, 15km north of Libourne on the Bordeaux right bank. 90% merlot provides fleshy fruit and velvet texture while 10% Cabernet Franc gives a fresh aromatic lift.
At its best .... This kind of full-bodied and structured red works very well with robust red meat dishes, cheeses or even full-flavoured vegetarian dishes.
Marks & Spencer £9.99 (-25%)
Produced and bottled by Maison Sichel, AF 3360, Cenac France.

Sunday, 2 March 2014

Roc de Lussac

Roc de Lussac

Lussac Saint-Enilion 2011

Appellation Lussac Saint Emillion ControleeAn elegant and structured wine, good fruit and controlled tannins. Good to drink, an easy wine for a Saturday evening meal. I purchased this wine of £7.99 from Sainsburys, (in theory it had a previous price of £11.99) but I thought it was worth the money.

From the label;
Over-looking the Dordogne river on the famous Roc de Lussac in Bordeaux, the Lussac Saint-Emillion vineyards are well-known for producing wines of great colour and structure. The 2011 vintage is a blend of Merlot, Cabernet France and Cabernet Sauvignon and has been carefully selected by the winemaker for its concentration of black fruit flavours and supple tannins. Rich and full bodied, this wine makes the perfect accompaniment to rare roast beef, hearty stews or full flavoured cheeses. Ready to enjoy now or will last for up to 3 years from vintage date if carefully stored.

Mis en bouteille a la propriete
Grand Vin De Bordeaux

Soligamar Reserva

Soligamar Reserva

Rioja Reserva 2008

A good Rioja, but without the full richness and complexity of some better wines. I cannot remember how much I paid for this wine, but it does not compare with the standard of Campo Viejo Rioja, which I so enjoyed recently.

From the label;
Soligamar is a new, exclusive and distinguished wine but its origin can be traced back to 1896 when Don Quintin Ortega planted his first vines in the unique area close to the small village of Tudelilla in the Rioja Baja. In 1999 his grandson Carmelo Ortega started this new project.
Winemaker Carmelo Ortega was born in 1963. He has dedicated his entire professional life to Rioja wine. In 1988 he decided to re-open his Grandfather's property in order to take advantage of the uniqueness of La Pedriza and to create his own interpretation of Rioja wine. The utmost care it taken to ensure the sustainable development of the local environment.

Domaine Du Rouge Gorge - Faugeres

Domaine Du Rouge Gorge

Reserve 2011
Faugeres - Appellation Faugeres Controlee

Another deep and intense wine from the South of France, this time from Faugeres. Full flavours of black, rich fruits but also with depth and complexity. A big but really enjoyable wine.

From the label;
This is a deeply coloured and intense red wine with flavours of black fruits, cedar and spice. From the Faugeres region of southern France where the renowned schist soils give low yields and wines with great intensity and character. Made from a blend of Syrah, Grenache, Carignan and Mouvedre, this lovely southern French red is well balanced and lengthy with soft round tannins. A delicious match with Boeuf Bourguignon or roast lamb with rosemary. Try it also with hard cheese such as Comte or mature Gruyere.
To preserve quality, this wine has been minimally treated and may throw a harmless sediment, which will not impair quality.

Mis en bouteille au domaine.
Marks & Spencer £8.99 (-25% multiple buy)