Sunday, 7 June 2015

Amsterdam - February 2014: Beer

Beer in Amsterdam

Our first beers in Amsterdam. Arriving early in the afternoon it was not long before we found something suitable to eat (avoiding the many fast food outlets) and some Amstel beer. This first beer was so refreshing after carrying our bags a long way across the city from the train station!

Another beer from a lesser known Amsterdam brewery which was good. The most famous beer (Heineken) we avoided if at all possible, even in its home city it was the less favoured choice.

La Trappe, trappist beer was also widely available.

It was Sunday afternoon and many were watching football on the large screen and drinking beer - the same the world over!

The less favoured beer (Heineken) in a small bar - note the well worn tables (this was not an artistic effect). This was a quick stop, full of character (and characters) but did not dwell long.

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