Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Florence - May 2014: The Golden View Open Bar

The Golden View Open Bar, Florence, Italy

On our last evening in Florence, we went back to the Golden View Open Bar. Truly this does have the most 'golden' restaurant view in Florence (see above) but also serves the most magnificent and authentic Italian cuisine. We even had a window seat (we dined early to achieve this) which offers the most remarkable backdrop for a stunning meal.

My first course was a fresh and Italian seafood soup, including large sand shrimps. It looked and tasted magnificent - this was a good start. Great flavours and textures, good to look at and lots of fun.

My seared tuna was huge and the range of supporting flavours on the plate complemented this powerful fish. Inside, the tuna was much more 'blue' than I had anticipated, but I soon adjusted to this and really enjoyed the texture and taste of this great dish.

In such a good Italian restaurant, and here in Florence, I had to try their particular take on the almost universal dish, tiramisu. I need not describe just how good this simple dish was in this restaurant.

After several days in and around Florence, I had begun to appreciate more fully how and when Chianti is drunk. The range in most of the restaurants was exceptional. This was a very good Chianti Classico Riserva and was the perfect partner for my tuna.

The stylish entrance to The Golden View Open Bar from the street. An exceptional restaurant in an astonishing city, we were blessed to have been there.

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