Sunday, 28 June 2015

Austria - September 2014: Lunch in the rain

St Wolfgang - Lunch in the rain

When we arrived in St Wolfgang, it had been raining for most of the summer. On our first day it rained very heavily all day but this was not too much of a problem after all the travelling of the previous day (only arriving at the hotel late in the evening). What we did not now was that the weather was about to change to glorious (and unusually hot) sunshine. So on our first Sunday morning we ventured out into the heavy rain and quickly found shelter in a local hotel/inn..

I was very keen to taste the local food. As usual it took me only a few seconds to speed scan the menu and decide on my lunch, which would be pike/perch!

Although it was cool and raining we had been so looking forward to being able to drink Austrian wines again that we just had to order a bottle of Blaufrankish.

My wife had venison which was cooked simply and well. This was a lovely start to our holiday.

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