Saturday, 20 June 2015

Florence - May 2014: Overlooking the River Arno

An early dinner beside the River Arno

We ate early to get a table in the restaurant, one with the most stunning views in Florence. The food and service was excellent and we decided that we would try and come back again - perhaps to get a window seat. We were in this exceptional city and this was an exceptional restaurant- worth re-visiting to enjoy again.

We loved the label of this Chianti Classico Reserva when it came. Like all chianti it needs a little time to breath and the waiter had already opened it and was kind enough to remind us to wait a few moments before enjoying it. It was worth the wait.

How can something so simple be so good - a question we often ask in regard to the 'magic' Tuscan ingredient, their white beans which add key flavours to so many regional dishes.

A beautifully presented and flavoursome dish. Wonderfully executed and a pleasure to enjoy such simple ingredients beautifully prepared.

I had to try some classic pasta, to try and experience the flavours of the sauces and the textures of the pasta itself. We imitate these dishes but what do the originals taste like and how are they presented. It was a pleasure to put this one to the test.

Pasta to enjoy...

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