Saturday, 6 June 2015

Amsterdam - February 2014: Vlaam Fritehuis

Amsterdam Fast Food

At first it is very disconcerting when nearly every member of staff in an Amsterdam bar or shop speaks to you in an American accent. Have they really all lived in the USA? Then you quickly realise that this must be the 'english' that they learnt. There are many Americans in Amsterdam and whilst we were there, we saw numerous groups of young American men out on the town, heading off towards other districts within the city. There is a lot that would be familiar to many Americans and the food here in the city is fast, easy and very convenient.

Ignoring all the numerous modern fast food outlets we sought out the famous Vleminckx, offering their fries and mayonaise - a famous Flemish 'Fritehuis' since 1887, and of course we had to try the product!

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